Emergency dentists can perform tooth extractions and will do so when the tooth is an immediate risk to the patient’s health or is causing a lot of pain. In cases where it might be a complex surgery or when the patient’s medical history is complicated, referral to a hospital for emergency care might be necessary.

Emergency rooms are equipped to treat severe tooth infections to prevent the spread of infection. The ER can offer IV antibiotics and pain management solutions, serving as a bridge to specialised dental care.

Hospitals can perform emergency tooth extractions, especially in cases with significant trauma or infection. These procedures are generally reserved for situations where the patient’s overall health could be compromised if treatment is delayed.

While not all hospitals in Australia have dentists on staff, many have oral surgeons and other medical professionals capable of dealing with dental emergencies. These experts can provide emergency care and then transfer you to dental specialists for further care.

Absolutely. Severe tooth pain, especially when it comes with other symptoms, warrants a visit to the hospital. Such symptoms may include (but are not limited to) fever, significant swelling, or difficulty breathing.

The urgency level for tooth extractions in a hospital is determined by the immediate risk to the patient’s health. Emergencies like severe infections, trauma, or conditions causing significant pain are prioritised.