People wearing white gloves

Our Clinic


Nature-Enclosed Exterior. Boutique Comfort Inside.

Our clinic, nestled in nature, boasts an interior filled with boutique charm, specifically tailored for emergency dental care.

Waiting Area

Relaxing And Supportive Space

Experience a professional yet welcoming atmosphere while you wait to meet your emergency dentist. Our spacious waiting area is designed for you to relax comfortably before and after urgent treatments.

On The Wall

65 inch The Frame TV on the wall will entertain you and make you feel at ease. Usually, we put on a peaceful music for our patients to enjoy.


Our friendly staff are on hand to assist with any questions or needs, making your emergency visit as smooth and easy as possible.

Emergency Treatment Room

Dental Chair

Our Dentsply Sirona chair is renowned globally for comfort and quality. You won’t be forced to sit in a torture device during your emergency dental services! Relax into it.

Bright And Airy Space

The treatment room is spacious, open, and filled with natural light to reduce anxiety during emergency procedures.


We provide a ceiling-mounted TV and noise-cancelling headphones to help you relax during treatment. No more wandering mind… We’ll keep you entertained.

Cbct Room For Emergency Diagnostics

Advanced Cbct Technology

We use CBCT, or Cone Beam Computed Tomography, for precise 3D imaging in order to accurately diagnose your issue. This is key to treating it effectively and preventing it from getting worse.

Dentsply Axeos For Precision

Our Axeos CBCT machine delivers detailed images with minimal radiation exposure, so there’s no need for you to worry about negative effects.

State-Of-The-Art Clinic In Melbourne

We’re equipped with the latest technology and premium facilities at Melbourne Emergency Dental Clinic. Together with our experienced and caring dental staff, we welcome you to our clinic for quality dental care and a brighter smile!

Premium Emergency Care Facility in Melbourne

Melbourne Emergency Dental Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology and facilities for emergency dental care. Supported by our experienced, empathetic staff, we’re ready to handle any dental emergency and restore your bright, healthy smile!

General Anaesthesia For Comfortable Emergency Care

We offer general anaesthesia (GA) on site, giving you options and peace of mind when it comes to your emergency dental treatment.

Sleep Dentistry For Emergencies

Our GA gives you the option of undergoing treatment while asleep, for a stress-free experience. No need to go into hospital for general anaesthetic—we’ve got you covered.

Advanced Ga Technology

For the utmost safety in emergency care, we use the latest, most reliable GA machine, approved by leading Cardiothoracic Anaesthetic professors.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Our clinic has undergone extensive renovations to create the safest possible environment for administering general anaesthesia during emergencies. Every procedure is overseen by highly experienced Cardiothoracic Anaesthetic professors from Melbourne and Monash Universities, meeting the highest standards of safety.

Parking space

Spacious Private Car Park

During emergencies, we understand your need for swift access. Our dedicated emergency parking area helps you to reach our clinic without delay.

Constant Surveillance

Your peace of mind is important. Our surveillance cameras provide continuous monitoring of the parking lot, so you can relax and trust that your vehicle is safe during your emergency dental visit.

Emergency-accessible Facilities

Easy Access For Urgent Visits

We have a newly installed ramp, so everyone can access the clinic quickly and easily for emergency care.

Immediate Assistance Upon Request

Our friendly staff are ready to provide assistance if necessary, to help streamline your visit and soothe your nerves when it comes to emergency care.